I require some stuff

From two and more days ago, I started to write a story about somethink, who I thnk will be a interesting story for a game. Im beaginer in 3d and ue4. I dont make somethink wow in 3ds , I only just imitate some tutorials, and imitate some images. Nothink wow.

I need some programmators, 3d designer, level design(I think this will be my task), and what ever. Im not so powerfull in ue4, I need help

Yes, I know, my bad english, I didnt write in english to much.

This post would be more fitting in the ‘Looking for Talent’ sub-forum (https://forums.unrealengine/forumdisplay.php?25-Got-Skills-Looking-for-Talent)

I will move it into the right section :slight_smile:
Also make sure to add more information -> what is the game about, what do the people get,…

When english is not your preferred thing, then its bad for communication.
Search for ppl from your region to talk with in motherlanguage.
But its even very hard, to find ppl with perfect english, when you put not more effort into your recruitposting.