I rendered a video instead of something interactive, lets discuss!

I made this rendering using UE4. What I noticed is its really hard to spot the difference whether its rendered with something like vray or with any game engine. Although Interactive visualizations are really cool and we’re so lucky to have an Engine like UE4 but I personally think people of Industry require some time to absorb the concept that, that realistic looking Archviz can be realtime. Besides, Deployment platform for Interactive architecture should be smartphones or tablets(which needs some maturity in terms of hardware resources)

Have a look at my work I made its a rendered video instead of interactive walk through! Share your views about my work as well as topic of discussion.

A good start! the only thing I would suggest is to slightly reduce the orange light.

That is great. I’m just getting into UE but have been very impressed with the quality. On the architectural side, I do think the industry needs a little time to adapt but as soon as a commercial VR application is put into play, the designers are going to want this stuff badly. With that said, I personally see minimal value in producing static stills, or animations in a gaming engine. Maybe I am missing something here?

Sure, they look awesome and prove that it can be done but that can be done with a rendering engine. The real value lies in interactivity and allowing the reviewer to manipulate the space, materials, environment, etc. With the quality that you have there, once we get the hardware to a point to support real-time VR interactivity of something like that, it will be game changing. I think that within a few years we are going to be there. But what do I know?

The video looks like a good start. Keep up the good work…

Looks like a great start to me. Love the tree movement. Very very nice.