I recreated Unreal intro in UE4

Hello everyone,

so i recreated original Unreal (1998) awesome intro(which bring tears to my eyes when i’m watching it :slight_smile: ) using Unreal Engine 4. Tell me what you think. Be honest, criticism is welcome. :slight_smile:

And here is the version without blur effects and chromatic aberration. Some people say that it is to blurry and it looks like it’s low quality video.

Looks really nice! Awesome!

Nice to see Unreal 1 fandom, so many good memories…:slight_smile:

Looks good to me, though I think the original had “softer” approach to lighting styles whereas your version is a bit darker both in mood and physically speaking…

P.S, where is the patrolling Nali?:stuck_out_tongue:

I remeber when i first saw Unreal intro… i was 12 and was with friends in a internet cafe when someone screamed: “holy ****, take a look at that!” I took a look at his monitor, and my jaw was on the floor for the next hour. In 1998 this intro was just AMAZING.

Yeah, the Nali… i know i know but i will be honest. Modeling and animating a character is beyond my skills right now.

Place something under those flames as if they have a fuel source (wood). Reduce the size of the flame as it is not believable, it also moves funny. Tone down the god rays coming from the moon, they are overpowering. Other then those gripes from me, you did a great job, I like the bird flying out of the way.