I recommend for hearing-impaired people

I recommend for hearing-impaired people. They did their own closed-captioning and they have transcripts. I watched one of the tutorials called “Creating Urban Game Environments in 3ds Max with Adam Crespi”.

I couldn’t find any Unreal Engine tutorials on there (Unless I’m looking in the wrong place?) - Shouldn’t this be in a different forum section?

I hope that there will be UE tutorials but the tutorials on using 3D modeling programs, image editing, etc, are very helpful.

I’d be surprised if they did, considering they never bothered to create any for past iterations of the engine or UDK. However, the rest of the content is above average for those interested in modelling, animation and so forth.

There’s other learning sites (such as DigitalTutors) that are putting out Unreal Engine material, for those looking for it. Fingers crossed we’ll see more from them. has best tutorials for 3D modeling programs…