I really need a light editor theme


I have an issue with my eyes that reading light letters on a dark background is extremely painful.
So when I started UE, the first difficulty I’m facing is–a dark theme.

I know UE doesn’t have an option for this, but I have seen a guy has changed the whole editor to white using “Slate”.
After hours of searching I didn’t really get what Slate is and how to use it (or even how to start to learn it)

Could someone give me a clue?


There are some options in the Editor Preferences: General > Appearance. Not much, though. Apart from that, perhaps a marketplace could help. A quick search does not bring much but I found this:

Even though it may seem like the opposite of what you’re looking for, judging by the screenshots, it could be used to make your own Light Theme. Drop the creator a line and enquire whether this is feasible.

Slate is what drives the interface of the engine:


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@Evilaugustin @Everynone

Darker Nodes actually has an experimental light theme:

But as you can see, there’s still some things that aren’t easily readable, and that’s because some colors are hard-coded in the engine… I’m periodically trying to make it work, but it’s really difficult, and I already wasted a lot of time on this :confused:

You can also light it up a bit while keeping dark theme, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. Here is an exaggerated example:


Thank you very much, and sorry for creating two topics, I thought the first one has failed.

I didn’t even think an asset can do this…I will have a try at Darker Nodes–really strange it would make things lighter : )

I also need a proper light mode. I get strong visual Migrane from white text on black background.


+1. Please do a light theme because dark screen is bad for the eyes. I switched to unity only because of the this.

Unreal Engine 5 has a very flexible built-in theme editor. Just go to Editor Preferences and search for “Theme” and it’ll take you to the Active Theme selector. You can duplicate the existing Dark theme and edit it. It lets you see the changes in real time, which is quite handy, so you can quickly figure out what to change.

Some people have already made a light theme, as you can see on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/nllds5/the_theme_editor_is_too_powerful/


Doesn’t seem to be working for blueprints? As in the graph editor

The UE4 theme color is better than UE5

Darker Nodes does the job in most of the times. Some menus are not readable e.g. while typing or drop down menus. Hopefully new Unreal versions will introduce well design light interface theme.

the Darker Nodes light theme is no good.

BUT, it has ability to easily change the gamma and such of the main theme so that you can make it pretty light and easier to read. I cannot stand ue5’s colors so I consider this very important plugin. Here is how I have it configured:

(importantly, setting this up is easy - just tweak a couple sliders. I didn’t have to waste hours fiddling with 1,000 different settings like you’ll have to if you use the built in theme editor)

Yes! I see it now! The answer is clear! The DARK THEME in UE 5.2 has convinced me to go back to UE 5.1. Thanks everyone.

5.2 has custom theme editor. You can change all the colors however you want. Go to EditorPreferences/Appearence then to the right of Active Theme press “Copy Existing Theme and Edit”. A real time editor will open up, it’s awesome.

You won’t be able to create a light theme, half the stuff is missing, specially relating to the blueprint editor.

I am the same with my eyes, I use the magnifier on windows (I use it so often I have pinned to to my toolbar) set to inverse colours for this website and also UE blueprints, and made these themes for the rest of UE so I can see the real colours of my project. It is a pain to go back and forth but use of light mode seems to be more and more rare now that I am seeing most apps change to dark mode as default that I have gotten used to it… the needs of the many and all that I spose? would be nice to have an easier option though but I understand why they do it.

light mode.json (4.7 KB)
light purple mode.json (4.7 KB)

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