I really need a light editor theme


I have an issue with my eyes that reading light letters on a dark background is extremely painful.
So when I started UE, the first difficulty I’m facing is–a dark theme.

I know UE doesn’t have an option for this, but I have seen a guy has changed the whole editor to white using “Slate”.
After hours of searching I didn’t really get what Slate is and how to use it (or even how to start to learn it)

Could someone give me a clue?

There are some options in the Editor Preferences: General > Appearance. Not much, though. Apart from that, perhaps a marketplace could help. A quick search does not bring much but I found this:

Even though it may seem like the opposite of what you’re looking for, judging by the screenshots, it could be used to make your own Light Theme. Drop the creator a line and enquire whether this is feasible.

Slate is what drives the interface of the engine:


@Evilaugustin @Everynone

Darker Nodes actually has an experimental light theme:

But as you can see, there’s still some things that aren’t easily readable, and that’s because some colors are hard-coded in the engine… I’m periodically trying to make it work, but it’s really difficult, and I already wasted a lot of time on this :confused:

You can also light it up a bit while keeping dark theme, but I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. Here is an exaggerated example:

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Thank you very much, and sorry for creating two topics, I thought the first one has failed.

I didn’t even think an asset can do this…I will have a try at Darker Nodes–really strange it would make things lighter : )

I also need a proper light mode. I get strong visual Migrane from white text on black background.