I offer you my free textures!

Bored and decided to offer my textures to inspiring artists in my free time.

Help yourselves


Cool! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!

Nice library! Can never have enough good textures, so thank you very much! :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

Those look really great, but I would suggest having more detailed licensing information. I wouldn’t be comfortable integrating any content with ambiguous licensing into any of my projects. You could look at the Creative Commons licensing tiers, or use similar terms that other texture providers do (that you can use them as long as they’re embedded in an application–not to be re-sold as texture packs).

If you really don’t care what people do with them, then CC0 is completely free public domain, but there are lots of potential licenses that are free for commercial and non-commercial.

Thanks a lot for making them available, but a little clarification on the exact licensing terms you want to be providing them under would be really great.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing them :slight_smile:

I’m noobsauce at , how can I download it? lol

click on the image and then right click and save as.

Thanks a lot for the gift !

Thank you for texture library!

@CaptainScience: He wrote on his page “My textures are free to use, both commercial and non-commercial. For convenience you can purchase all textures in one zip file” but I’m not sure if it’s enough.

You’re the real hero here

How can I download in full resolution ? :slight_smile: Cause I only download it in less than 500x500 when I press right click and save, please respond asap, thanks

i gues youde need to buy them :frowning: nothing really free here …

Fantastic work! Many thanks

So, are these free for commercial use? I find no clear information about that on your website, it only says “use for commercial …” if we buy them.

EDIT: It seems we have to buy them to get the high resolution textures…

He could just write that only the bought package may be allowed to be used in commercial projects - but it seems like he doesnt want to clarify that. So we have to avoid these resources for now.

His account states:
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He just posted his page and never came back. Plus unclear licensing. Should be enough reasons to stay away from them to avoid legal problems, unless ofc you buy the whole package :wink:

Yeah, really looks like spam. I hope the mods can delete .

A quick reverse image search suggests that these textures were lifted from here, repackaged, and sold:

Deleted the link in the original post and closing thread.