I Never Coded or Did Game Art. 5 Months Later I Have A Full Game (Thanks UE4)

While Eye Man - Reaction Time Rush is a small game, yet it is monumental for me in my career game development.

Here is why… 5 Months Ago

  • I Never Coded Before
  • I Never Did Any Game Art
  • I Never Did Any Animation
  • Lastly… I Never Used Unreal Engine 4

I was so excited with game development and UE4, I documented and journaled my progress on how I shifted my thinking, and made a complete game.
How built a game in 5 months with UE4, without any coding or game art experience what-so-ever.

It’s semi-released, yet I plan on keeping adding more mechanics and levels to the game as time goes on. To help me learn new parts of Unreal Engine and continue to add value for the players who download it. Below is screenshots and videos I made.

You can also see the released version in the “Released Projects

Screen Shots:

Cool, congrats! Quite the achievement. I don’t really get what the goal of the game is by just watching the vid but I’m sure it would become clear when playing :slight_smile:

Great work DreamBotStudios! I am going to have to give this a try before the week is over. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the feedback… it’s good to know based on my screenshots that one would not know the goal of the game.
It’s really a simple game about getting the high score and competing with friends on the leaderboards in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Will consider adding some tips in the next marketing video on my next update.

Thank you.

Thank Sean, means a lot coming from a fellow UE4 Community member.