I need your modding wisdom

I’m making a girly vanity mod, because, let’s face it, this game needs some sparkle. I’m the equivalent of the most inexperienced modder you’ve met, so use small words and speak in short sentences.

At the moment I’m working on an item. A simple house plant in a pot. From what I can tell there may be 2 ways of doing it, and I need your opinion as to what is possible, and what is easy.

I made a clone of the small plot and want to remove the water and fertilizer needs (it’s crashing at the moment). I also want to make the plant show up instantly and make it non-harvestable.

Okay, so I’m re-making the potted plant. I will test whether or not removing the fertilizer and water requirements make it so you don’t need them, or if it just breaks the game. Fingers crossed?


Seems I need to have my precious plant watered. Seems I crash whenever I look at my item. Any suggestions guys?