I Need to upgrade my computer

It’s that time again which everyone hates…time to upgrade my computer… again.

The last time I did this was 2011 maybe 2010 I was working in 3DS Max at the time and it was taking up to 40 hrs to render small animations in high res.
I upgraded to a (now don’t laugh too hard you might hurt yourself) an HP p6218f AMD triple core with 8 gigs of ram upgraded to 12 gigs and an AMD Radeon HD 4650 which at the time was pretty nice I was happy with what I purchased…
Now I have decided to give game creation a try and Epic is telling me my graphics card is to outdated and I may run into a lot of problems because of the updates or lack of updates might be a better way to say it.

Now I know a lot people on here really love to help people out and thats awesome of you, but I am looking for advice from the really high end Game Creation People on here only (sorry not trying to be a ■■■■ ) but to much advice from too many people can get very confusing and very overwhelming at times to say the least .

I’m not looking at spending thousands apon thousands of dollars (lol) and drain my life savings, when I’m just going to have to go threw this all over again in another 3 to 5 years from now if you get my drift.
I’m looking for something that can handle most of the gaming engines on the market with really decent memory and graphics card for rendering in Autodesk,Unreal,Unity and other high end creation software you get the idea of what I mean I’m willing to spend a few good bucks but not willing sell the farm to do it.
What I’m going to do is look at what all the really high end talent on here have to say and which hardware the majority of you agree on and make my decision based on your expertise.
If you need to ask me any further questions feel free , I will do my best to get back to you to answer them.
Keeping up on all the new high end tech today is almost a full time job.

thank you in advance

and my best wishes to each of you.