I need to set starting speed, then make a speed power up, delay and back to starting speed

I am very new at blueprints. Im sure this is easy for most of you. I need to set the starting speed that my main character defaults to when the game starts. Then i need him to hit a power up speed up for 10 seconds and go back to starting speed. If i could get an example that would be great. Thanks again!

Hi there,
I am very new the blueprint as well.

I think i have 25% of the answer you are currently looking about change the speed of your character from blueprint code.

If you are in your character blueprint, fallow those steps:

Assuming you’re in your character’s blueprint:

Get velocity

Convert this to a scalar by getting its length

I beleive the forward vector is a unit vector, which would explain why it doesn’t change length when the character speeds up or slows down.

From the link: How do I access the player's current speed in blueprints? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Else, from level blueprint it’s almost th same thing but attach the reference node of your character to target entry from “GetVelocity” node.

To modify the velocity, use SetVelocity nodes.

I hope this answer will bring you in the right path or a senior blueprint programmer answer you after me.

Good Luck.

What i have up there is actually working as far as the speed increase and decrease goes. Whats not working is the default character speed.

I see. Did you open the blueprint of your character and Select “Default” tab, look for the “Max Walk Speed” from Character Movement and modify it in your way ? If i am not mistaken this is there to edit the default speed.

That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!