I need to reimplement the saving system from scratch help please.

So I used to have the power, to store a lot of data and information in a dynamic array that would be saved in the config file, not any more, reason: idk, might be a virus might be a update might be my code itself.
question: What could I use as saving system other than config .ini’s I have 0 idea.
I could save armies of 100 men with their items and all of that, now I feel limited to just solo arenas what system could I use to save data like arrays of structs?

I used the save game gem as a basis for my save system: UDK | DevelopmentKitGemsSaveGameStates

It uses JsonObjects to store item data. I can save many thousands of objects in a single tick without any frame hitching. Remember to only save the data you need. Name the values with small strings (even letters etc). Every class you need to save it’s game state, just have it implement a interface with both Serialize() (which returns a json object) and Deserialize(JsonObject data) which unpacks the data.

Hope that helps.

I did not even know there was a UDK document thanks.