I need to move a directory as its filling up My SSD


Everytime i use the editor, work on my project the engine add GB’s of data to that directory, its a massive resource hog and its rapidly filling up my SSD, i have other mechanical drives, Unreal Engine is actually installed on one so i don’t even know why its put that directory on Drive C, i need to redirect it to another drive because it dumping GB’s of data in there everytime i use this is getting to a point where is have no space left.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I used Symlinks to redirect the unreal engine folders off of my c: drive (SSD) to a normal HDD. You can find information here:

I haven’t had a single issue after doing this.

Thanks, using the UI one i tried every option and all all of them do is create a copy of the directory, so its still dumping the files to the original directory and then creating a copy of them in the new one.

what i need it to do is dump the files in a directory of my choosing and no at all in the original.

Try using this symlink GUI tool.
Basically a symlink places a redirect where the original folder was, and all the files are placed in the new one.

You can move your launcher and engines to another drive but the only way I know how to do it is remove your launcher and engines, reinstall and while installing you can set it to whatever drive you want, bit of a pain but it works, and in so far as projects you can move them around all you want just have to start it from the file location the first time after move then the launcher will update where to start it from