I need to know if my mod idea is possible before going in dev part - List of features required

Hello there,

I’m want to create a Diplomacy System mod ( And for this mod, I’ll need some features.
I don’t want to stat creating the mod if some features can’t be achieved, so I’m asking here if all of the features I need are available in dev kit:

  • Create an interface
  • Get all tribes on the server
  • set additional attributes to a tribe (to specify if the tribe is actually on war with another one)
  • Access to SOTF’s giant screen system (to announce wars, kills etc)
  • Manage damageable targets/structures based on owner

I’ll maybe have some other features needed, but this is my first list, I’ll update it when i’ll have new ideas.

Thanks for your future help, hope this will be done !

Hi Supamiu,

Currently i would say that this is possible :
Create an interface
Get all tribes on the server (look at SoTF example)

The rest i’m not sure at all, but devs will add blueprint functionnalities in the future to allow this kind of access.

Ok thank you for this fast reply.

I’ll try to create basic features now, and I’ll check what is possible in the future :slight_smile:

I have a tutorial on basic ui. That I know is possible. Not sure about tribes as I tried to do a player list and hit a exposed variable roadblock I need to try to get around now. The client seems to be on a serious need to know protocol.

Yup I saw your tutorial and i’m definitely going to use it :slight_smile:

I’ll keep myself up to date about what is available, but first of all, i’ll do a lock mod for PvP (when all players are offline, tribe’s structures and dinos are really stronger) and then starting creating the diplomacy part.

if you find a way to get a player count or how to get tribe/player information from more then just the client let me know please. It sounded like those kind of things require a server mod/TC to work…

lock mod ??

You can find more informations about this here :