I need to know how to create a tube that acts as a hose between a character and an item that will be used to aim, that I can also animate as though a bigger diameter object is going through the hose

I am in my first year of a visual arts study course and I am supposed to do the rig for a character that has a cannister on it’s back and the handle of a vacuum cleaner in it’s hand with a tube/hose in between. The programmers of my team have made it so that the vacuum cleaner can aim but with my current setup the hose between the handle and the cannister does not move along with the aiming of the handle (unless I animate the moving of the handle myself but that does not allow for the aiming the way the programmers have created). My teachers also want me to animate the hose in a cartoony way so that it looks as though a big object is going through it. But I am getting no help from my teachers and I cannot find any help just googling the problem. Any suggestions?