I need to get into programming. What should I do?

Hello everyone,

I have the idea for a 2D tile-based game, similar to games like factorio, minecraft, dwarf fortress etc.

Is it a good idea to do it in the Unreal 4 Engine or are there better alternatives? I’m new to this and I want it to be as easy as possible. The graphics don’t even have to be any good. I’d even prefer to do it all with 2D sprites instead of 3D Models. I’ve tried myself with UE 4 Engine and I came as far as to create my first own model. But when it got to animating the models, I threw the towel. I know I should probably learn programming, but I don’t really have a lot of time right now, being the father of a child. The thing is, I just can’t get this idea out of my mind…

I said it had to be as easy as possible, but I still want to be able to implement features similar as the ones found in the games I mentioned above.
The game I have in mind is logistics and AI heavy.
So should I use this engine? Should I use another one? And if I decide to use this one, how could I get help in learning how to actually program the whole thing?

How many AI agents can it control at the same time without causing performance issues?
Is there an easier engine for a 2D tile-based game?
Where do I find someone to help me with the graphics?

Thanks in advance.


Try GameMaker.

I 2nd GameMaker, for your needs. No better deal, right now, as of 9/15/2016, on GameMaker. Check out humble bundle.

Construct2 might also work for you: https://www.scirra.com/

Good luck!

Thank you for the quick replies.

I’d give a go with BlitzBasic too.

Minecraft is 3D, so you could could pursue development in UnrealEngine using a combination of 3D, 2.5D, and 2D Sprites. In my opinion, developing in 3D game world is much easier.

UE4 is super good with pretty much endless possibility’s, but yea if you are wanting to just make a simple AI game then you may want to look out their because UE4 takes a year or two just to ace the basics. So yea you may want to go with something quick and easy if you don’t have allot of time.