I need to do a lot of math

Like I said in the title, I need to set a lot of variables in a row, except I’m stuck: I can’t use event ticks and begin multiple times. The objective of that is to have a basic quantity of fuel that decreases over time and a consumption rate that can also vary, depending on the model of the rocket (because I want to make a game of rocket), and when this quantity of fuel drops to 0, a variable (yes another one) called acceleration drops to 0. This variable should be set according to the weight of the rocket and the thrust of an engine, which will be therefore other variables. I think there is still a bit too much variation, but I feel like I can’t reduce any more. So do you have a way to perform this series of calculations?

Two last things: I have only recently been using an unreal engine, which partly explains my ignorance, and I am French, there should be some problems in my post, but I hope it will be clear anyway.

In your case I would probably learn how to use Curve assets and use them to create different “engine thrust profiles”.

And how do I do that?

Ask Google what “UE4 Curve assets” are.

Oh ok sorry and thanks i will get back to you if i still have a problem.