I need to create a credit sequence with a background and credits that fade in and out, can anyone point me in the right direction?

So i am working on UI/UX for a class project, but i am having no luck finding tutorials on Credits with Static backgrounds and fading text. Does anyone have any leads on how I can set this up?

After reading around, I figure I will require two separate widgets, but I do not know what else after that.

*Need to make this work for two separate scenarios at game’s end

I don’t know if I understand what you’re looking for, you want each credits to appear, static and then fade, bring another one over and over?

If yes, use a color and opacity animation with 2 or 3 text as needed, and just set over time the text in thoses.

And for the scenarios, just use a boolean exposed on spawn you can set as needed or you can even use a widget switcher and keep your background

Sorry, I am new and learning. What I want is to have static backgrounds and text that fades in and out.

I will try to Animate using what you suggested, thanks.

You should have a look to the UE doc for UMG and UMG animation.

Add an enumerator with each state of your credit, I mean, each time your credit appear, I guess you don’t have 300 steps, otherwise it should be an easier way but I don’t have it.

In your widget Designer, add your background, anchor it to fullscreen. I didn’t find a way to set an opacity anim to a vertical box so I would use one to keep it clean, add as many text I need inside it, and add them to an animation, bottom left corner of the designer, don’t forget to anchor them the side you want to.

Go to the blueprint, add a set timer by event at event construct the timer will be every cycle of the anim, add a custom event from the red pin. then use your enum, add it in your variables, Set the first state, then Get it and use a switch on Enum"name". add A set text node and plug your text block in, one for each block. At the end of each Enumstate, Set the next one, like this every time the event fire, it will go to the next step.

For the two states, just use a boolean and expose it on spawn, then when you spawn your widget you can get it and use a branch.

For the anim, add it before the Switch on, just drag it from theVariables.

I hope I was clear, second time I write it down.

I’ve tried it, it work but it could be long if you have to repeat it even 30 times.

If anybody have a better idea out of the switch on please let me know, I ll have the same problem soon, even if for now I have only 40 backers