I need to buy a Macbook for Unreal Development, any recommendations?

My old Mac mini officially just cant handle basicly anything anymore, its time to upgrade.

I know absolutely nothing about Amd GPUs so I have no idea what they are and arent capable of, and that seems to be all that apple uses anymore.

I cant afford an imac or apple desktop, thats just not happening.

I want to get a Macbook Pro, or just a newer mac mini, but im assuming the macbook pros will be way more powerful and more capable of what im doing.

I just need to know if i drop 2 grand on a new computer it will actually be able to handle UE4 (and preferrably UE5 if anybody knows what specs youll need for that.

I should also add, I already have a windows desktop rig, this computer is strictly for ios development, is a macboork pro or mac mini even an option or will i have to really save up some dough and get an apple desktop eventually?

While Unreal can run on a Mac the PC is much better supported by Unreal. Unreal loves lots of cores and high end NVidia graphics cards. Metahumans and UE5 will be pushing those even further.
Since Apple is using their new chips in some machines I’d also check Unreal support for any new machine.
Since you have both do you need to run Unreal on the Mac? I have both, older Macbook Pro but with NVidia) and a PC. I used the Macbook for some iOS development and general work and the PC primarily for Unreal or other windows only options.

as i mentioned, i already have a pc for unreal development, however im picking up more ios work and projects that need to be tested and developed for ios, which requires a mac, which is what ive been using my old mac mini for… I need a new one, im asking which one will run unreal and makes the most sense to buy.

i think you should try to stick it out with your mac mini until unreal engine has proper (i.e. official) support for m1 macs then get an m1 mac. also if you can get an external gpu for your mac mini it will greatly improve your experience if you need something now.

All of the Macs in your price range are using the M1 processor which Unreal has not been updated yet to properly support. If you can, try and wait until that support is added before you get a new Mac. If you don’t care too much about portability and just really need it for iOS support then go for the Mini again.

For something more high-end, I would wait because the M1’s are OK but not super amazing but the stuff that’s above that is outdated so it’s not really a good time to invest in a Mac if you want something really powerful.

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