I need to be able to walk around in virtual set- like the Ncam system...


My first post as I learn how to use UE4 for film. We are a small indie film company.

I have been able to insert myself into a scene in real time using the image plane method, and it works OK…but…

That method uses no depth data, so, you can’t walk around inside the virtual set… The Ncam is great and works very well, but no way I can afford it.

Any ideas for this newcomer?

Can you attach a Vive tracker to a person and use that as the 'depth generator to have the actor walk int he virtual world, or??

What I need is a stereo camera set-up like Ncam…??



**Hi, audiomicro

Have you got around this. ? **
I have tested the trackers they work fine for me.
One tracker on camera and another on the actor.
In unreal real the camera tracker has a cam mash to relate too and the actor tracker is attached to a plan which takes the live feed. So restricting the plan’s x-axis rotation is what’s the issue.

Problem is the X-axis rotation, that needs to be restricted. I can not get that thing done.
Can you help with this.? I’m not able to get around this. As I’m not that good with coding.
Can you see if you can find anything? That helps.



I am also very new to this so I can’t help you…