I need support animation BP

I cant figure out how to call an animation when is example an weapon is equiped and get back to idle when is unequiped i cant find nowhere a sample of that or a tutorial

Add a new boolean variable to the animation BP, to tell whether the Character has a weapon equipped or not. Similar to how the AnimBP from the Third Person Template has an “IsInAir?” variable to tell if the Character is in air. Look up how that variable is setup and do something similar for your “isWeaponEquipped” variable.

Once that is working. You then need to go on the Anim Graph, where the Default State Machine connects to the Final Animation Pose. There you can add a Blend node to mix the idle animation with your equipped animation. That depends on how exactly your animation is (ie. is it a full body animation, or just upper body?). But you could, for example, simply use the Blend Poses by bool node to check your isWeaponEquipped variable. Plug the equipped pose on True, and the default pose on False. Then just plug that on the Final Animation Pose.

Thanks for replay i will look on it