I need some help with making it so I can enter a vehicle.

I’m making a little VR game for the Oculus. The main point of this game is about being in a boat. I have the boat in my scene as a skeletal mesh in a “Wheeled vehicle” blueprint. I know it doesn’t have wheels but this is the closest I can find to match, maybe you could tell me a blueprint more suited to it. I have one bone weighted to the boat for movement and the other weighted to the outboard motor on the back so It can be moved for steering. I have no collision on the boat as of yet.

I’ve made a few projects in UE4 but none involving vehicles and all the tutorials I can find involve cars that you use as your default pawn. I need it so my character can enter and exit the boat. (My character is just a camera on top of a capsule collision with arms.)

Any help would be really appreciated I have no idea where I would start with this!