I need some help to find this Visual Studio theme

Recently I started to be interested in learning to work with the Unreal Engine.I entered the Introction page and I saw this image.
This site: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/…g/Introduction

I love the colors, does anybody know what syntax is it or can anybody share it with me.I am using Visual Studio Ide and I recognized some colors there
Please help me.I will apreciate the help

Edit: What font is used in the screenshot ?

Nobody answered and I came across this on Google. The coloring/‘syntax highlighting’ is from a paid extension called Visual Assist (it really isn’t that pricey and is super worth it if you’re working in Visual Studio) and is either a permanent coloring system or is specific to the ‘Dark’ theme that is built into Visual Studio when combined with the Visual Assist extension.

I spent a little while trying to find the font and it appears to be the generic font that Visual Studio comes with: Consolas. There are many awesome fonts out there and I may even be wrong but it’s really close. Hope this helps anyone who comes across the thread!