I need some advice

Don’t feel bad about not being very good or not understanding something when you are going through tutorials. The majority of how I learned is by repeating something over and over until I remembered it; by that, I mean practice. Keep making art or “other stuff”. Do it for a long time with a lot of iteration. You will create many things that are not very good, even down right bad, before you get your head around it and start to making higher quality assets / games.

Nobody decides to make video games and two months later is ready to roll. It takes years of practice and knowledge to get to a point of feeling confident in your area of development.

Also, there isn’t any piece of software or any one tutorial that will make you better at making games. Software makes your job a bit easier through automation but you still need to understand how to make assets / games to utilize those automation tools.

So, keep watching tutorials, keep practicing, and in a while, you will be able to feel more comfortable in the idea of making a video game.

I need some advice, so i was looking thru all the tutorials but im having problems with creation and some other stuff, so what tutorial or programs you recomend that help you a lot to create a game im making a 2d game.

Thank you for the answer, about the tutorials im looking for something that actually help to learn most of the tutorials are assets or animation i need to see something that start at zero, but im trying im going slow i hope some day i can make a game maybe i can be a successful in this because in most of the things i try i fail.

Tutorials help you fill the gaps of what you already know and finding anything that a step-by-step example for the one idea you have probably won’t exist. As for learning, a lot of this is up to what you try and how you experiment with what you already know.

There is a ton of information about using Blueprints, from the beginning, here:


Go through all of this, videos and all. Trust me, by the end of it you will know much more than you do now. From that point, you’ll be able to explore other tutorials or even begin to understand it well enough on your own to get your idea of something started.