I need some advice about character clothing

I have blender 2.71. I’m having trouble creating the clothes for my character. I want them to be bending and folding realistically in the game. I tried using the blender cloth tools but it doesn’t achieve the effect I want and never behaves the way real clothes do. What I wanted to do exactly is have the bends near the joints react to the player’s movements realistically without the rest of the cloth being too responsive (I’m not talking about a cape or a dress… imagine a hoodie and the character running etc…), so the idea was to use blender cloth to get the deformation and use it as a shape key for later use in UE4, but it never seems to give the proper movement. I can model these specific cloth bends manually but it would be a lot of work to do that for many character animations.
I tried using APEX SDK but selecting all the faces etc… it seems counter intuitive without the results being too different from blender. Do you think I should just model everything manually or is there a better way ?

Why not model the clothes, import them to UE4 and then use UE4’s cloth simulator? That would probably be 1,000,000 times easier.

What exactly do you mean? As far as I know you need apex to do cloth simulation in the UE4 :slight_smile:

You may be right though I doubt they would include a cloth simulator in UDK and then dump it in UE4.

A lot of middleware was dropped for UE4. Dunno what they used in UDK, but they use NVIDIA/APEX now…

Note that, the way a pair of pants move over the buttocks and hips while bending the legs, is ideally modeled by moving the U/V coordinates across the triangles as the triangle vertices are moved through skinning. This is because the fabric doesn’t stretch much, but the vertices have to move to simulate the change in bulk under the skin.
I don’t think UE has good support for features like this, though (and they require non-standard plug-ins in the authoring tools, too, like “bulge,” etc.)

In UDK it was possible to directly create cloth assets in the editor + you were also abel to use apex :slight_smile:

  1. Open up skeletal mesh in editor.
  2. Click “Add APEX Clothing file…”
  3. Select clothing you made and exported using the tools: