I need my character rigged for unreal its made in 3DS Max

And for payment ill give you my sword jump attack animation that i bought for $15.00 dollars. please get ahold of me on Skype MattArmstrong66


I need the work!

No seriously though, Kitatus is right you could always use the packs if you can’t find anyone.

~ Jason

I sent you a Skype. I don’t need the animation. I’ll help you for the love of game development.

If you bought content from somewhere then you can’t just give it to other people.

Maybe he will give it to the one who will help him and never use it himself again? Bah, I don’t think so too :smiley:

Making sure i sent you the right Skype its matthew.armstrong15 send me a message on there please

and no this was buy to own as in it was liscene free so i can do with it as i want i read the info for it.

and thank you for helping me

Your welcome bro:-)

I bet Venged just used Mixamo auto-rigged. Lol. Jking.

Miximo will do it as long as you have a preexisting account. Right now you can’t register with them and once you’ve used up your free autorigs and animations, you’re pretty much out of luck until they unveil whatever Adobe’s done to them.

I use Modo 801 for rigging:-)

I finished your Rigg over my lunch break but did not have time to email the FBX file. The file you receive is FBX 2013 format. It loads into UE4 just fine. If you plan to have morph targets in the future You will probably need FBX 2014 format. I saved all my Modo *801 files so I can export again in the future if needed. You have a lot of gadgets and geometry around the neck area. I weight painted it as best I could in that area but again I have the files so I can touch up up the weighting at a future date is you have any issue with it when I have more time. I also animated it with a simple walk cycle in Modo to test it. You can re-target your animations to it in UE4 via Re-targeting system.


Ill send an email with this info. I just posted here so folks could see how it turned out.

I enjoyed helping you:-)

Ill send the FBX file around 7AM EST.

This was fun. I am all done. Here is the walk test I did in Modo 801.

[video]Walk test - For pro bono character That I rigged for animation. - YouTube


One last thing my friend! You just ask me about a lower poly rigged and unrigged (For use Mixamo) version. I decimated the rigged one I did and the un-rigged model both from 66K Poly to 24k Poly. I was able to retain most of your detail at 24K. I will emailed them to you now to wrap this up. Now you have Both high Poly and low poly rigged model for your UE4 work along with unrigged models of both size as well. Keep us posted on you game development. I will enjoy following it.

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Cheers bro!

Wow that was super nice of Venged!

He is the hero that Gotham needs :smiley:

Thanks Axxi and DeDareDevil!

When I started out in Game Development 3.5 years ago with the GarageGames Torque 3D Engine. The GG forums were terrible in the sense that nobody would help you and people would often make rude jokes or tell you to go Google things. The GG company had the same arrogance. I left that engine in favor of projects in Unity 3D and UE4. I vowed to always help and share what I have learned how to do to honor those few at GG and the many at 3D package forums that who were very kind. I also have a end goal to teach Game Dev after I retire from Engineering 10 to 15 years from now in addition to still releasing games. I like teaching and helping as much as, if not more than, making games.

I found the Epic (UE4) and Unity forums to be very kind and nice compared to Garage Games (T3D) forums. If you want a nice laugh this is how most everyone that left GG felt about that community and company:


I have enjoyed watching his youtube and seeing what he is doing in UE4:-)