I need more than one "Event Begin Play" in the same BluePrint.

Hey Guys,

Ok, I have run into a snag.

I am in a situation where i need to have more than one “Event Begin Play” in a single blueprint.

What do I do for something like this? How can i get past this?


You could use a sequence node. Or maybe use a custom event which gets played when Event Begin Play starts.

Or create dispatcher and hook multiple events to it.

make a function?


there is a lot of options out there

Ok, so a sequnce node would allow me to fire mutiple nodes one after the other? Is the sequence node hard to get working?

sequence node or dispatcher. Got it. I glad there is a solution.

Thanks Guys!

Thanks OKJA123123123,

It’s good to know that I can have mutilple events fire on begin play, since i’ve got multuple things like HUD drawing and other things that need to be fired up.

Still learning Guys…

Thanks a ton :slight_smile: