i need more answers about architecture visualisation... please... please ...

I want to use ue4 for architecture visualisation, i was on your page, practising aaa loooot of tutorials which are great btw, but there are much more tips about architecture visualisation.

I will get on point: I want to use ue4 for architecture visualisation as i said, and I need more sources about that, i was on forum etc, but i need to find materials (tutorials etc.) from all around the ue world (youtube, forums, web pages…). Do you have something to reccomend me for learning about architecture visualisation? (I must mention again, i practised and learned from tutorials, but would like more…)

my taughts about what i would like to learn in ue4 for now:

  • cooperation with Revit (i didn’t make some good export)

  • level blueprints I need for arch visual : door openings (sliding door and angled, youtube have it); swiching lights (nice tutorial btw), making different ambients for same object (day, night, whinter…); start menu (wich contains multiple choices on start: real time presentation, video presentation, render gallery); helpful message on screen (press escape to exit for example)

                                                                -->> and more tips useful for arch visualisation (existi in my mind, but don't know how to do it...)

andddd, i have many suggestion about teaching and learning ue4 for architects, but i don’t know where to present them :slight_smile:
(I’m teacher btw at university, teaching about BIM modeling and CAD applications)

and sorry about my english, i’m not professional :slight_smile: