I need Help

So I am trying to use blueprint to just add damage to my melee weapon

I tried putting a collision box on the end of it with a simple overlapping component gets damage applied to it, it works until my character picks it up, and equips it. Then it only damages my character, and no other actors.
Whats the best way to apply damage to this thing. I just need it to destroy a few destructible meshes

I think you should download the Couch Knight example from the Unreal Launcher Learn tab, there you have an example for this kind of setup. Otherwise post a screenshot of your blueprint code (Function to deal damage, the collision sphere (or box), collision settings etc.

I tried implementing what couch knights does but no success.

I really just need a basic collision box on the end of my weapon, that applies damage/ and or force in whatever it touches

As soon as I pick up the weapon it kills a nearby AI player on pickup, but nothing else.

If you know an easy way to apply damage let me know. It’s already attached to my player, and I have a striking animation I made.