i need help

im working on fps game and i want weapons switching system ((BP)i did not fine any video or document

Implement more than one weapon. Decide which one is active or which you shoot from by checking a “current weapon ID” variable. For switching, create an event that you trigger by pressing a key, which sets the “current weapon ID” to something else.

To extend that, turn the setting weapon ID into a function, and add to it so that there’s a delay before you can shoot (set a “next shoot time” variable to the current time, plus some value in seconds, and when shooting, check the current time is greater than “next shoot time”). Also, set which weapon model is visible, play any weapon switch animations / sounds from here etc.

my Quake template is a pretty good example of this. You can use the blueprint for free however you want.

Click show more on that and you see the dev folder download.