I need help

I have this idea of an RPG however have no idea where to start. i am slowly learning blueprints ect and its really cool but need a push in the right direction such as creating a HUD with HP, MP, ect and generally creating the blueprint for this.

I plan to make revenue from the game and will include anyone who can help with the above mentioned,

many thanks



If you want to learn by making a real game and not exercises, you should first create a GDD (Game Design Document). You can find some infos here : Game design document - Wikipedia

It’s a bit annoying and most of the time we don’t enjoy writing one, but it really helps to stay focus on your goals, and can be a very effective tool to find people to learn/work with :slight_smile:

Then, there is no secret. With UE4, everyone can develop a video game with few knowledge, but the key is to practice, practice and practice. You always have to be curious to solve problems, and to reflect on the different solutions. :slight_smile:

this should get you started :smiley:

Thanks guys for your input. I do agree that practice makes perfect. and i am trying. so far im swamped. i will check out the links and hit back. i have tried the tutorial from unreal regarding the UMG but when i play, its the same,? theirs no HUD! What am i doing wrong,


From looking at your link ANTGOUB i can see that i didn’t actually make the HUD with the editor. i just followed the blueprints. the tutorial is good however i don’t know how to create the enumerator??. Sorry guys im fresh out the box.

I have been told by numerous newbies that my tutorial series is easy to follow, maybe you will like it:

You create an enumerator just like any other asset.
Just select it from the “new” menu in the content browser, or right-click.
Its in the blueprints sub category…

Let’s start with the main thing. You need design documentation. It turns you describe all aspects of your game.
In the “mechanics” you describe all the functions in your game.
In the “aesthetics” you describe what it looks like.
In the “general purpose” you describe the history of the world, the history of people, characters and motivations of each character, and the plot of the game.

P.S. “Sorry for the bad english.”