I need help

I attempted to align these walls planar, but it completely changed the texture. I was using the beveled clay brick static mesh from the starter content. Even with the static mesh changed, the same effect is applied.

I would rather not completely recreate the walls, so any help is appreciated.

Just to go 100% sure, you use static meshes and not bsp brushes?
For me it looks like a uv map issue -> check your uv maps in your 3d program or you have changed some values in the material (texture coordinate) :slight_smile:

You mean the brick cly beveled material?

Yes I believe I am using static meshes. I am rather new to UE4, had it for maybe two or three days, and I am not sure of any changes I may have done. I haven’t changed the texture at all, I am just using the starter content. The only place I find uv is in the scale category, and both are set to 1.0 . Not sure if anything I just said is useful, but I hope it is.

Ok, so you use the meshes from the starter conten? -> click on on the wall - right click - find in content browser - now it should select a mesh in the content browser (when there is no “find in content browser” it’s a bsp). Post the name of it into this thread so that I can check it :slight_smile:

bsp = the geometry tool. In-editor “mesh” creator
mesh = object made in a 3d program (or converted from a bsp)
uv map = you have to change that in your 3d program so that the texture gets displayed correctly (but I think you just use the starter content -> so atm you dont have to do that)

I think that’s how you want it to look like?

I found it in the content browser and it was called M_Brick_Clay_Beveled

Yep, but that’s the material, I need to know if you are 100% sure that you use a static mesh, because there are different ways to solve your problem :wink:

-when you use a bsp -> in the details panel you can find a tab called “geometry” - there you can change the alignment of your texture
-when you use a mesh -> then it could be the uv map or you have changed some values in the material (M_Brick_Clay_Beveled)

I did use the geometry tab to change the alignment, so I guess I somehow used a bsp?

Yep, then you used a bsp brush :slight_smile: -> select the surface - go back to the geometry tab - change it to something else - see if something changes.
You might have just scaled the bsp brush with the transform tool -> this will lead into texture deformations. So after you did that you have to choose the alignment again (e.g use planar) -> on both parts

Totally fixed! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help! I followed you on twitter by the way

Nice, thx!
When you have more questions, just post them here into the forum or answerhub :slight_smile: