I need help with water and post processing

Anytime i drag BP_theisland or whatever it was called onto my map, my post processing for the water goes completely black. Please help. I’ve tried everything. The map is all little islands so can’t not have water…

I’ve followed that video to a T, and even contacted the video owner, but he’s not interested in helping, which i dont mind. Ill try what you said right now

So update, i was able to get the black to disappear by deleting the Misc>Blendables>PP_underwaterExtinction_Inst

It becomes clear with the water distortion, so i Think ill have to settle with that for now.

Also, thank you for the info about the water underside. Didn’t realize i was missing that

Hey Tjoebanks,
Water is actually pretty simple once you know how to do it! It’s much easier to start a map with a water plane across the whole map, the island does that and just makes things so much simpler. Now the water plane is just a plane, it has no collision and can be passed through but once you do you’ll endlessly fall through the map. In order to stop this from happening you will need two things A) A Physics volume and B) a post processing volume. For the physics volume it’s just easier to expand it through the entire map, level with the water plane. Once it’s place and lined up where you want it, go into it’s settings and make sure that “is water” is checked, from there you can set-up how much friction you want and so on and so forth. For post processing you want to add it in so that you can make certain underwater areas different colors. So for example, you dont want your deep ocean water to have the same FPS color as your lake water, Lake water is often brownish and murky, while ocean water is blue and dark. You might have to mess around with how you want the underwater to work and look, but with a little tweaking and patience you can get the water looking great. Hope this helped!