I need help with spawning trees on terrain using custom box spawner volume

Hello, I am having issues with my custom Box Spawner Volume not spawning my foliage on the different terrain variations. As it stands, the actors will randomly spawn anywhere within the Volumes given Origin/ Box Extents with random rotations but will only stay flat on the Z Axis. This causes the Actors to spawn under the terrain and ignore the landscape. I have tried using Hit Trace and I think I got close, but could never seal the deal. Either I had random floating trees or it would put all the trees in one spot for a single line trace. The reason I have chosen to use this over painting foliage tool or the procedural foliage spawner tool that epic made is that these particular items are able to be cut down and manipulate independently as well as be utilize for xp, food, and resources. I and still wet behind the ears when it comes to Blueprint, and I have made great strides. I just really need someone to explain how I can make this work visually and explain the why and how so I can utilize it as well as have the knowledge for when I run into this issue down the road.

Thanks Much in Advance!

Dana Willoughby

Here is the other image that shows the foliage in the terrain.