I need help with shared camera for local multiplayer (coop) games


I am a novice user UE4. I would like to create in my project multiplayer (coop for least 2 players on one screen) mode as it is in games of LEGOs series. To do this I used this tutorial. However I have problem with second player which rotates in orbit the first player.
Anyone know how to fix? :slight_smile:



PS. If anyone else knows and would like to share how to make in blueprint control for several players on one keyboard or do connect split-screen when the characters are next to each other (like in LEGO Indiana Jones 2), I would be grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :wink:

I actually prefer Gauntlet Legends’ take on camera control from Nintendo64. They never drag you along and it creates more interaction (see multiplayer fun) from you yelling at your friend that you need to move on to the next location.

I would just remove the part where you even move the other character. The entire point is to locate the center point of all characters playing on screen and focus the camera towards that point while keeping every character in view.