I need help with reimbursement of FluidNinja

We bought the licence on the wrong account.


Hello Squeeze Studio!
This is a public forum thread — and I have bumped in to this question accidentally :slight_smile:
Please contact marketplace help directly - they could handle this case.
Developers do not have tools / admin rights to manage funding/refunding related issues.

Thank you

Hi, yes I’m aware!

I would contact the help or support directly IF I COULD!
I’ve looked everywhere and there’s no support email adress or link or anything for Unreal engine.
I get to the Epic games support and they tell me I have to contact unreal engine so what I’m supposed to do now?

Just trying to catch the eye of someone who has an support email adress I can use!

:slight_smile: haha sorry, I also have been in this situation, bureaucrats sending be back and forth. Here is the UE Marketplace official help email address: uemarketplacesupport@epicgames.com

I’ll try that! Thanks!