I need help with my project!

Basically, im a noob at unreal engine, i got introduced to it recently in college and made a crappy maze for a unit task i was doing. I said to myself i wanted to take it a step further and try to make a random maze generator through a blueprint. this is probably a big step for someone unexperienced but im looking for help as the only tutorial i have found is very outdated and hard to understand due to either poor grammar or because it was so outdated i couldnt use what the tutorial was saying to use.

Im not experienced with C++ either, that is why i want to do it in a blueprint and use the construction scripts. if anyone can give me some tips or even a sort of decent tutorial that would be much appreciated!


Programming mazes is pretty simple once you understand the algorithm. This should help you get started. It’s in c++ but imo it’s pretty easy to follow along

i watched the video and vaguely understood what the guy was saying, but how would I actually implement something like this in unreal. My goal was to make a random maze generator without using code. I discovered maze generation when I saw a tutorial from a guy I think called Michael patterson, but his tutorial was outdated and hard to understand, it was for version 4.6 and we are on version 4.20 for unreal engine.

i understand the algorithm, it’s the code I don’t understand, that’s why I wanted to do it through a blueprint without the code, I can understand the flowchart type way of coding from the event graph.