I need help with my game

heres the list of things i need help with
(unreal engine 4.02)

  • How to create a gui and make buttons go to a different camera when clicked

  • Make a gacha where you can summon a character and you can add it to your equiped character for a battle and different swords it can kill.

  • Matchmaking system to a battle

  • Control characters

  • Guns and different types you can equip

  • Insert obj files (because those are my charatcer 3d file type)

  • Make a chat and make it so that people wont be able to type cuss words

Are you asking for help to make those things from scratch or… you’ve got some bugs in the existing systems and need to iron things out?

Perhaps you should focus on one thing at a time - each of those elements may take weeks of work if you’re experienced. Months if you’re not.

Hopefully that 4.02 is a typo… we’re on 4.27 now.

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What you are asking for is an entire game, on an ancient version of UE. Sorry to be negative but you should ask specific questions when you have tried to implement a certain mechanic yourself and run into a problem you can not solve. There are plenty tutorials online.


my pc is that bad that i need 4.0.2 its an EliteBook 8460p, idk which is the newest version i can download (Also it is not a bug)

You should not be running 4.0.2… Get the newest version or at least something like 4.22. Your laptop is old, sure but it might be enough to start learning the engine if you’re patient.

4.0.2 was a featureless bug-fest quagmire supreme.


i will try but i hope epic lets me get on it without any requirements

GUI - as an example - I don’t think there is UMG in 4.0.2 (someone corrects me please) - so you wouldn’t be able to make an interface. You’d need to rely on something like HUD which will get you nowhere.

Anyhow, if you’re serious about game making on UE4, you’ll need a better machine sooner rather than later. It’s fine for learning or making the most basic stuff, though. Assuming that’s the laptop with the discrete HD 6470M rather than HD3000.

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I can assure that 10 minutes of loading a project and 20 of compiling a minor change are not worth it

Lets very optimistically assume OP is running the most potent option:

Intel Core i7-2820QM Processor (2.30 GHz, 8MB L3 cache, 4 cores/8 threads, 45 W) Up to 3.40 GHz[…]

Start compiling shaders and that laptop will melt into the table after the 1st hour. I still think they can learn the fundamentals, but completing anything larger than tiny will get rather frustrating.

If they’re sitting on 2c/4t instead, working with the editor will be a nasty experience. Also, mechanical drive + 8GB of RAM is a nightmarish combo…


anyways to bypass it??? cuz i really need 4.27 if its the bestest experience

4.27 is the final, most feature-loaded, stable and bug-free (debatable) version.

To bypass what exactly? Performance issues? You address it by throwing better hardware at it. As per usual :expressionless:

Apart from that, have a read here:

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Wait what? You don’t bend the laws of physics?? :slight_smile:


Nah, €£¥$ will do just fine.

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