I Need Help With Importing Models In Unreal Engine

I have made a low poly island in 3ds max and I am trying to upload it onto unreal engine. but when I import it, it comes out jumbled and messed up. Does anyone know how I can fix this.
I have also included Screenshots of the model in 3ds max and the models in unreal engine.
Thank you.

Does the fbx file look jumbled if you view it with 3D Viewer? It might just be an export error in 3DS Max, because I doubt that Unreal Engine alone could mess that up so badly.

Looks like all assets have been centered to the middle because of they’re pivot points. Have you export everything as one FBX file into UE4? Since you’re using max , you could try datasmith, it might make the export process a bit easier for you.

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If most of the geo in 3ds max is cloned objects, then datasmith is the way to go. Otherwise, or being hasty, just set all your objects pivots to the scene origin (0,0,0) and apply xforms, then they should import to the correct position.