I need help with changing character attributes and getting floating character

I am using one player controller and changing the Animation Blueprint, Skeleton, Material, and changing Mesh Location, Camera Location and Rotation, and Capsule Half Height.

The Female starts off on the ground, and changing to male will rise her off the ground, even with the same settings, I have a Doe and Stag, they work fine, and seem to ground the Female when changing back and forth, it is only the Male and Female that have this issue, and as far as I know, Manny and Quinn share the same animation.

I have snapshots and the project download link on my GitHub page


Normally I would think it was the capsule, but changing it did not help, and it does not seem to matter what values I use for the Female, you can see her rise as soon as you switch from male to female, but not from animal to female, making me think the values are not the issue, something else is effecting this.

Thanks for any help.