I need help with background 2DGame

Hi people. I made 2 levels and made the background follow the character through the character menu without nodes. I made a trigger to open the second level. When the character goes to the second level, the level sprite should change, but I don’t know how to do it, my knowledge is very small. I will send screeshot how i did this and two levels, first is black, second is gray

Are you placing the character in each level?

In the World Settings for each level, you need to turn off the default pawn:


Then, put your own pawn in the level and edit that instance to have the correct background. When you place the pawn, set auto possess:


Should be done on the character itself and read the level name to set it, but for the sake of simplicity you can add it into the level blueprint on begin play, get player character > cast to paper 2d character > get background sprite > set sprite