I need help with a project, anyone wants to support?

Well, i previously made two posts saying that i needed crew for my team for a project called “Whispering my Name”, which is a game of a woman with a device that can amplificate her psionic powers. A Prospero-Portal-Like game using the Unreal 4.10 engine (or Source, or Unity, i need suggestions). But i can’t do everything for the game. I can’t code very well, i can’t make decent maps for the game, i don’t know how to model, etc. so i wanted to make this a community project, so the project can come to an end (completed, if possible).
So, if anyone wants to help me with the progress of the game contact me by email ([EMAIL=“”], i will greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Massimo Cortese Monastero