I need help with a game

I need a team to help me make an open world survival game (similar to ARK survival evolved) if you are experienced at UE4 and are interested or know someone who would be, respond to this post and I will give you details about the game

You need to follow the template for team recruitment and provide a lot of information up front, this post will get you no where.

Here is a link, it is stickied at the top of the forum:

I have some experience with programming, blueprints and networking as I made a very basic survival game on ue4 for a uni project. Would love some more details.

Name of Project: Alone

Description: A boy and his abusive dad get into a fight and the boy runs away to the forest that is near his house. He decides he wants to go back and is met by a dark creature that is determined not to allow him to leave the forest alive. The boy has to survive in the forest until he is able to defeat the creature while fending off its minions.

there is basically nobody experienced on the team, if we started now we might as well let a two year old play around on UE4, If you want to help then great could use all that you can give, but if you don’t it is understandable.