I need help with a couple of things

Hi there! I need help with a couple of things 1. Interacting. I want to make a system that when I look at an object it says “Press E to interact” and it turns white and then I can press E to interact with the object. There would be two interactions, 1. is when you pick something up and it goes away and appears in your UI (More on the UI later). 2. being you go to another level. 2. UI. I want alot of UI options like a main menu and stuff. 3. Random Generated Levels. I would want random generated levels that are based on preset rooms but the rooms are all in random order.

I’m a total newb,

but for the press E interact I would use a trigger box and detect the player location to activate the text and interaction. I would setup E under input actions keyboard in project settings and call that input event to create your result. For the random level generation, predesign all the rooms as static meshes and add bone sockets where the rooms snap together. Use a data structure to hold all the meshes and randomly select a certain number of the meshes from that group. Then attach pieces together using the bone attachment points. If static mesh room pieces have more than one attachment point have the system randomly select a bone on the piece for attachment.

Thanks xpgained! But when i am looking at the object i would like the object become white and have text that says “Press E to interact” not when you actually press E. And can you tell me in depth or maybe you can show me a script?