I need Help with a certain Weapon System.

I was looking for tutorials for Help but none of them really have the end result that I would like.

the tutorials I keep finding have a weapon systems where the player already “has” Every Weapon so picking up a weapon “enables” that weapon.

What I’m looking for is a Weapon System similar to Halo’s, when you pick up a weapon it add that weapon to the player with its current stats: Ammo, custom attachments, game objects attached (Example)

any one know any Tutorials that show you how this can be achieved?

That’s how you create a weapon: How to integrate Military Weapons pack into FPS? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums All states like ammo, attachments should be saved/done in the different actor bp’s from the weapons :slight_smile:
Now when you pick up one of the weapons it will switch to that class with all the stats