I need Help - Trying to Install Unreal engine but it says "Insufficient Space"

I download the Unreal engine but says insufficient space. How do I change target

As far as I know it’s still not possible to change the install location :frowning:
But install your launcher to a free drive and then the engine will install on that one

You can try to make a junction to fool the launcher into thinking that its installed into another locations. Here is a link to were you can read more about this.


This should work.


Maybe someone could put it on the wiki?

Just create a wiki account and post it :smiley:

But… but… you are ten years or such younger and has a better computer :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a good idea, because atm it’s still pretty complicated to post something on the wiki (and you know the solution) :wink:

Oh well I didn’t see KitatusStudios post when I answered. Sure go do it please :slight_smile:

The forum should show that new posts are there when one answers.