I need help regarding blueprints and triggers.

Hello, I’ve been trying to connect a blueprint of a firework launcher to a trigger so that when the player gets to a certain point in the level, there will be a firework show.

But I’ve run into a bunch of problems and I can’t solve them even after hours of googling everything.

So basically, I’ve created a blueprint that will act as the trigger to spawn the firework launcher at a location when the player walks into the blueprint, but no matter what I do the trigger doesn’t activate and nothing happens, so then I’ve spent a ton of time trying to see if its something wrong with the player, and tried to fix that for a while but nothing helped and I’m starting to question if I even made the player right, because I’ve been told I need to have a collision preset of “OverlapAllDynamic” but if I do that, the player falls through the floor, and I’ve also been told I need to have a ‘Player’ tag, and I’ve set one but I doubt I did it correctly so that’s probably another reason it doesn’t trigger the blueprint so I need help… I’m really new so I don’t know what I’m doing