I need help/opinions on what to do

Hello my name is , I’m 16 and wanting to get into video game design. I really want to explore into stuff like this. I for one love video games and appreciate everything about them. I want to learn what goes into making a great game. I have messed around a bit with UDK and have watched countless hours of YouTube videos so I have an understanding of how it works (not really). I would like to use UE4 for this school competition on video game design. Since UE4 is free with educational use I thought it would apply for my uses but apparently it is only free with collages. I’m just scared of buying it. the reason is that I’m paying for this thing i don’t know how to use and I’ll keep paying for it as I’m learning. That’s not that bad and that’s probably what you’re suppose to do, but I want to know what I’m doing before i go off and spend all this money. I know $20 a month is not that much, but I don’t come from the richest family. $20 a month and some of the asset packs is something my parents would hold against me. I tried to use a dumb cracked version just to learn, and get my feet wet before I buy the real thing to make my actual game, but that didn’t work out for me. Should I just buy the real UE4 and somewhat blindly going into it?

Just subscribe for 20$, download engine (and even source) and examples all that you want and cancel subscription before next subscription pay, the try and learn. Without subscription you can keep everything you downloaded, just you won’t be able to get updates and access to marketplace until you resubscribe

Considering you got some expirance with UDK you should easily find yourself in UE4, you just will need to switch from UnrealScript to Blueprint or/and C++, but even so APIs are mostly similar.

you can buy one time and then cancel the subscription. you an still use the version but won’t get any updates until you’ll pay again, but that is not really necessary for you. alternatively just download the free UDK, which is in many parts similar to the unreal engine. if you want to understand the basics, this is sufficient. also get yourself blender and learn some modeling and perhaps some basic animation.

Hey there,

keep in mind that you only have to pay one month to obtain the UE4 Engine.

If you cancel your subscription, you are still allowed to use the latest updated that you received while you were subcriped.

Also we have some starter content that you can use and free assets that can be found in the “Learning” Projects as well as on the forum.

So all in all, you would only have to pay 20$ and you can use the Engine till it drops dead. You just won’t get any updates after this 1 month of subscription until you pay again. So you could stick to the version you downloaded for 3-4 months and if you really want to use UE4 ongoing and you want to look into the new updates, then you can resub. (:

I hope that helps you (:

Thanks! I never expected such a quick response, you guys are awesome :smiley: