I need help! Melee attack animation

Hi guys, ive got simple animation for my melee attack. The problem is that it doesnt play correct from start to finish when i call it, coz next attack prevent it and starts from begining

Hi Yuri,

When you say that the animation cannot finish because the next attack starts, are you clicking (or whatever attack input is used) again before the attack animation finishes? If so, it sounds like you would want to disable an attack from firing until the current attack animation has finished. That should be pretty straightforward.

It looks like you already have AnimNotifies called Attack_Start and Attack_End. If you haven’t already, you would want to place those at the start and end of each attack animation, and use them to set a variable in your CharacterBP like ‘CanAttack’ to false when Start is fired and true when End is fired. You could then check if ‘CanAttack’ is true anytime the attack input is hit.

Also, in your AnimGraph, you can set Transition Rules to not leave the current state until the currently playing animation has finished. For example, your transition rule could be “Time Remaining for ‘Attack_A’ < 0.1” or “Current Time (ratio) for ‘Attack_A’ > 0.9”.

Hope that helps!