I need help making the Flying Project ship Roll with the left and right arrow keys

I’m working with the basic “Flying Project” and I want to add the ability to choose Roll as an axis of movement and bind it to whatever keys I can, preferably the left and right arrow keys (and keep the up and down arrow keys for Pitch like they are).

I’ve searched the forums and scoured the Internet and no one seems to have added that basic feature to this project.

I found this:

But the picture is too small to make out what they’re connecting and it doesn’t work with the starter Flying Project.

In the example project Yaw affects the Roll somewhat, but I want to barrel roll. I’ve tried snipping it and duplicating the Yaw and Pitch functions and replacing their language with “Roll” wherever I found it but there’s something hidden between the flying math and the project’s key binding settings (I’ve added Roll bound currently to Q and E, but I want to set them later).

Is there a tutorial page on the Flying Project I’m missing? I managed to turn off the automatic acceleration but it only turns off when I possess that pawn, not on level start. I also found a tutorial online that explained to move the Yaw-to-Roll connection and I’m very happy to finally be able to point the ship down and up without leveling it out, that was flying me nuts.

For anyone interested in being able to point the flying ship all the way down or up without having it misbehave, simply go to the FlyingPawn blueprint and cut the connection of Yaw to Roll by Control-Clicking (or Option-Clicking on a Mac) between “Set yaw speed based on turn input” to the last Set function in the “Also set roll speed based on turn input” area.

I’m making a flight/fps hybrid game and I’d really appreciate any help the community can give.

for simplicity, I’d use Add Yaw Input (the scale amount is set in the player controller… just as it is for Pitch and Roll)