I need HELP! | Making 2 Player Vehicle Game (Controlled with WASD and ARROW keys)

I’ve been really frustrated trying to make a 2 player split screen game with the VehicleAdvGameMode template. I want one controller using WASD keys and the other player using ARROW keys. I’ve went into the project settings/ Maps & Modes/ and checked the “Use Split-screen” check box. I also when into “Input” and made a new set of keys for the other driver using the ARROW keys. Then what I did is copy the Vehicle Blueprint and made a new one and just changed the inputs to the arrow key ones. I can’t see to figure this out. I NEED HELP PLEASE! Thank

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27 Views, No help. I NEED HELP PLEASE!

Look up on you tube ue4 pong multiplayer. There’s a tutorial for local multiplayer that might be what your looking for

May be the view count of the viewers are who came here to get help as well like me.